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Summer 2021 Farmer's Market Schedule:

Bowater's Farm

Welcome to Bowater's Farm, located in the small historic town of Centerville, Indiana. At Bowater's Farm we strive for the most sustainable practices using natural approaches with a focus on soil health & biodiversity instead of chemical fertilizers & pesticides. Buying sustainable products represents an important long term investment that is dramatically healthier not only for consumers but farmers, rural communities where crops are grown and the environment as a whole.

We believe that buying locally whenever possible benefits everyone in communities. By making conscious decisions to support local merchants, food growers & service providers, we are embracing our local economies and empowering our cities, neighbors & selves to grow & thrive. In the age of global economic, political, & social instability, buying locally matters because it keeps wealth & jobs flowing within a community. We appreciate your support and are grateful to provide healthy products to you! Thanks for stopping by!  

"Every day is a good day to be on the farm"

I have been visiting Amy's Farmer's Market booth, Bowater's Farm, for the better part of a decade. Every time I go there, two things are clear to me. Her produce and products are first-rate - no chemicals, no games - just pure Mother Nature's blessings in her food.

Jeff, Anderson, Indiana

Our family has been enjoying products from Bowater's Farm for the past 5 years. We love the high quality pork, especially the ground sausage & brats. The eggs from her pasture raised  hens are delicious with deep orange yolks. We also appreciate sourcing Bowater's produce grown using organic methods & finished products like Bowater's seasonal jams. 

Hayley Nadine, Indianapolis, IN

Amy has a large circle of friends.  Many have become her friends through her Bowater's Farm market booth. Why? Because she is a welcoming person, with a pure product & a ready smile. I've gotten to know her. She works tirelessly for the animals in her charge & takes her generosity & kindness into everything she does. 

Make a point of visiting Amy & Bowater's Farm, even if you don't plan on buying anything. SHE is the reason I visit her booth week after week, month after month & year after year. You won't be sorry.

Robin P., Indianapolis, IN