News & Pre-Order Reminder for Saturday, February 19, 2022

Hello everyone! Bowater's Farm will be at the Northview Church (Binford Market location) this Saturday from 9am-11am. I will have a small inventory with me of pastured pork, pastured chicken, loose leaf tea, garlic, & Hidden Pond Farm ferments & tonics. Pre-ordering is suggested to ensure availability. The pre-order deadline for this week is 9am Friday & orders can be picked up Saturday morning from 9am-11am at Northview Church (6620 Northview Way, Indianapolis)

I'm excited to announce that bacon, ham steaks, & mild or Italian brats are back in stock now! You can pre-order bacon, bulk 1lb. plain pork, mild or hot breakfast sausage, chorizo, pork patties and brats online but for pork options that need weighing (shoulder roast, loin roast, bone-in or boneless chops, spare ribs, tenderloin, ham steaks, pork fat) or for pastured chicken, please email me at to reserve. I'm Looking forward to seeing all of you!


Available to order:

  • Ground Pork: (available to pre-order online)
    • Mild Breakfast
    • Hot Breakfast 
    • Mild Italian
    • Chorizo
    • Plain-unseasoned
  • Brats (Mild or Hot Italian 4 pk, pre-order online)
  • Pork Patties (4-pack) unseasoned (available for pre-order online)
  • Pork Chops - bone-in 2-pack (email to reserve)
  • Pork Chops - boneless 2-pack (email to reserve)
  • Pork Shoulder (email to reserve)
  • Pork Loin Roast (email to reserve)
  • Pork Tenderloin (email to reserve)
  • Spare Ribs (email to reserve)
  • Ham Steaks (email to reserve)
  • Pork Fat (email to reserve)  


  • Whole Chicken (email to reserve)
  • Chicken Breasts - Bone-In 2-pack (email to reserve)
  • Chicken Leg Quarters 2-pack (email to reserve)
  • Chicken WIngs (email to reserve)


All Ferments & Tonics available to pre-order online. Garlic available online & on-site. Bowater's Botanics & Brews loose leaf herbal teas available to pre-order online & small inventory available on-site. Small pork & chicken inventory available on-site as well