News & Pre-Order Reminder for Saturday, March 19, 2022

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing well and enjoying this warmer weather. I have spring fever & I'm so excited to be getting started on planting. I'm also looking forward to summer market and seeing all of the nice people that come... oh and all of the dogs too! I will be at the Binford Market location (Northview Church parking lot) this Saturday from 9am-12pm. You can pre-order online & I will also have a small inventory of pastured pork, chicken, lots of eggs, loose leaf herbal teas, garlic & Hidden Pond Farm products with me. Bacon, jowl bacon, ham steaks, & Mild & Hot Italian brats are all back in stock! Pre-order deadline is 9am Friday. Click here to PRE-ORDER NOW  If you would like pork chops (bone-in or boneless), shoulder roast, spare ribs, ham steaks, or jowl bacon please email me at to reserve them as these items will need to be weighed. If you prefer to pay on-site you can also send pre-orders through email. 

   Just a heads up.... I have not increased my prices on pork & eggs yet but it looks like I will have to do that in the near future. I was informed by my butcher that they have raised their prices by 10% this year & when I was buying animal feed last week they mentioned that the feed prices are about to go up quite a lot. I'm not sure yet how much they are talking but I will have to make some adjustments on my pricing unfortunately. 

  On a positive note.... look at all of these sweet little baby goat kids that have been born on the farm over the last couple months! 

I hope to see you all Saturday & have a great week!